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Meet PLC’s new Junior School Psychologist, Danay Savva.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her better.


1) Who inspires you most?

I believe that to be inspired and to inspire others, we need to step outside of our comfort zones – to be challenged emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. As such, I am most inspired by people who speak up even when they are likely to face personal and public backlash.

I am particularly inspired by those behind the #metoo movement, including Tarana Burke who founded the movement in 2006 and all the strong women who have spoken up about their experiences since. Additionally, people like Turia Pitt, Malala Yousafzai and Ahn Do who persevere and thrive, despite and in spite of facing life’s greatest challenges.

These influential people help to keep me grounded and to remain grateful for what I have.


2) What is your favourite part of this job?

Being a clinical/school psychologist gives me great honour as I am able to provide people with a safe space to talk about feelings and work through anything so that they head towards a place of healing and growth.

I am constantly reminded how incredibly strong and resilient people are – how we all struggle – and how we all have the capacity to rise above our difficulties to create a life that is rich and meaningful to us.


3) What are some of the areas you are currently exploring in your professional life, which you are incorporating in to your work at PLC?

Currently, my main area of interest are the concepts of Strength-Based Parenting (Dr Lea Waters), fostering self-compassion and compassion, and establishing and supporting a growth mind-set.

These are concepts which underlie the Visible Wellbeing model guiding our work at PLC.



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