Meet Caitlin Hunt, founding director and owner of O2Active (PLC Lighthouse service provider).

Caitlin has over 16 years experience in the health and fitness industry as well as a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science) degree from the University of Western Australia, and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) through Exercise Sports Science Australia (ESSA). She then went on to train in Flow-Yoga in 2005 and completed further studies at the Byron Yoga Centre in 2011.

How did you come to be so passionate about health and fitness?

I love how health and fitness can have such a positive impact on peoples energy and how they feel as a whole. If you haven’t got your health, you can’t be your best self. I, like all of our coaches, feel the wonderful effects of leading a healthy, positive and active lifestyle. I want to share these benefits and experience them with my clients.

I like the word ‘wellbeing’, and I use it as it encompasses movement, stillness and health. Through O2Active’s classes, we seek to improve our clients’ overall wellbeing (improving confidence, team building skills, personal resilience, persistence and creativity). These are skills that will make you strong and empowered.

Who inspires you most in life?

My family, my team I work with, my clients and the ocean.

What is the best part of your job?

Seeing the change in people’s confidence and self belief is so rewarding. Every time I see a client reach milestones, I get an endorphin pump; each time I see someone having fun in my classes, I feel proud that I’ve been a part of their journey. I am so passionate about my job, my team and my clients, making each day a rewarding experience.

Join a Lighthouse class!

PLC Lighthouse fitness and group classes provide an opportunity for students, parents and staff to engage in physical activities beyond the Physical Education and Health curriculum. High-intensity classes such as Zumba and Boxing Fitness to lower-intensity classes such as Yoga, Boxilates and Pilates that challenge your flexibility, strength and mindfulness are on offer! Join us and let’s get moving.


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