Meet Amelia, one of the new Lighthouse Administrative Assistants!

Amelia joined PLC as a Year 11 student last year, after moving from the U.K. Originally from Perth, Amelia and her family moved to China when she was four years old. After living in China, she moved to Singapore, followed by the U.K.

Amelia’s passions include learning about different cultures and finding out what makes them unique.

Who inspires you?

When I was younger and living in Singapore, a lady named Dannielle Miller came to my school to talk to us about her goal to spread healthy body-images and empower young teens. Her speech spread so much positivity. It has stuck with me ever since.

What are you most excited for in your role at the PLC Lighthouse?

I am most excited about being one of the Lighthouse Assistants as I will be gaining some hands-on experience whilst working in an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of the entire school community.

What would you like to achieve in this new role this year?

Even though I have only been working at the Lighthouse for a week, I already feel as though I have achieved and learnt so much; not only about myself, but I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of what goes on in the Lighthouse. I would like to achieve an increased sense of confidence in a work environment, as it is very new to me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy relaxing and unwinding by listening to music and chatting with all my friends in the Boarding House. I also enjoy going to the beach, swimming and trying my hand at different water sports. So far surfing is my favourite.

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