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Posted on 28 Feb

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Meet the Team – Emma

Posted on 23 Oct

Meet the Team – Emma  Tell us about your family and where you’re from. I’m from Munglingup, which is 100 … Continued

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Five Productive Ways to Spend the School Holidays

Posted on 04 Oct

1) Take Time For You By taking time to care for your mental and physical wellbeing, self-care helps you stay … Continued

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Reflections with Sue Tredget

Posted on 04 Jun

My Unexpected Journey Sometimes our lives don’t follow the path we had expected. If you had told me six years … Continued

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Meet the Team – Izzy

Posted on 27 May

Meet Izzy, one of the new casual Lighthouse Administrative Assistants! Born and raised on a cattle farm near Mt Barker, … Continued

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Meet the Team – Amelia

Posted on 08 May

Meet Amelia, one of the new Lighthouse Administrative Assistants! Amelia joined PLC as a Year 11 student last year, after moving from … Continued

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Students Become Staff at PLC Lighthouse

Posted on 08 May

Students Become Staff at PLC Lighthouse: A chat with new staff members, Izzy, Amelia and Sahara “It does feel a bit … Continued

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Celebrating One Year of the PLC Lighthouse

Posted on 04 Apr

The PLC Lighthouse has been and will continue to be an integral part of the School’s universal approach to wellbeing; providing an anchor … Continued

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Meet the Team – Linda Malone

Posted on 13 Feb

Meet Linda Malone, PLC’s new Head of Service and Community Partnerships. We asked Linda a few questions to get to know … Continued

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A Day in the Life of our PLC Lighthouse

Posted on 14 Nov

Chonny James, PLC Director of Wellbeing walks us through a day in the life of the PLC Lighthouse.

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Meet the Team – Nicole Agar

Posted on 14 Nov

Meet Nicole, one of PLC’s Senior School Psychologists.

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Let’s Take Care of our Mental Health Together

Posted on 17 Oct

PLC will be celebrating Mental Health Week from Monday 22 October to Friday 27 October!

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There’s More to Failing than Meets the Eye – Danay Savva

Posted on 31 Aug

Junior School Psychologist, Danay Savva, discusses the subject of ‘failing’ and offers practical advice for parents dealing with this tricky subject.

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Meet the Team – Caitlin Hunt

Posted on 10 Jul

Meet Caitlin Hunt, founding director and owner of O2Active (PLC Lighthouse service provider). Caitlin has over 16 years experience in … Continued

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Kids bored while on school holidays?

Posted on 02 Jul

School Holidays and Boredom With the school holidays here, I know that many parents will be planning action-packed holidays and … Continued

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Meet the Team – Chonny James

Posted on 13 Jun

Meet Chonny James, PLC’s new Director of Wellbeing. We asked Chonny a few questions to get to know her better!

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Meet the Team – Daleen Engelbrecht

Posted on 18 May

Meet Daleen Engelbrecht, PLC’s Lead Psychologist. We asked Daleen a few questions to get to know her better!

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Surviving School Exams and Stress

Posted on 07 May

Exams are extremely stressful for students, no matter how organised they are. Here are five tips to help you tackle the next few weeks while looking after your health and wellbeing!

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Posted on 06 Feb

Written by PLC’s Senior School Psychologist, Jess Lethbridge.

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Back to School – Overcoming Negativity Bias

Posted on 22 Jan

At the start of the year, school returns and everything is new for students. A new classroom, new teacher, new equipment, and for some, even a new school.

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