PLC Competes at the National da Vinci Decathlon

Ms Padminee Raja-Snijder accompanied two PLC teams, in Year 7 and Year 10, to the National da Vinci Decathlon Competition, held at Knox Grammar in Sydney, from Saturday 29 June to Tuesday 2 July 2019.

The girls were sensational in the way they performed in the competition, how they presented and managed themselves over the four busy days. They competed with the top teams from around Australia and their individual task successes are listed here;

Art and Poetry – Year 10s first place and Year 7s second place
Cartography- Year 10s first place
Creative Producers (impromptu dramatic task) – Year 7s third place
General Knowledge- Year 10s third place

Overall, our Year 10 team came third in their division – a fantastic result!

Congratulations to the following girls:

Year 7
Charlotte Gishubl
Laura Kingdon
Minti Kitcher
Madeleine Mayo
Sophie Miller-McKinley
Natasha Playford
Fiona Tan

Year 10
Gabrielle Evans
Helen Lovegrove
Nicki Nash
Briana Nicholson
Tallulah Pestell
Olivia Snook
Ashley Spencer
Megan Steinberg


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