More to Me

During Term 1 of 2022, singing and choirs were significantly affected by the new government guidelines.

At PLC, we had to think outside the box.

How do we continue to provide a reason for students to learn music when we couldn’t come together to do so? Students learn music, engage in music making for many reasons – the pursuit of excellence, increased social skills, a sense of community, to have the opportunity to take part in something that is greater than the sum of its parts, to discover things about themselves and others they may not know.

Music had to find a way and we did find a way.

The Virtual Choir Project throughout Term 1 saw students from all five choirs from Years 3 – 12 learning a song online or outside. But not just any song. ‘More to Me’ speaks about who we are. It captures our College’s values, values that were championed throughout the Term 1 restrictions.

Students were recorded individually or in small groups at the end of Term 1, while the video was shot in Term 3 and could incorporate a newly completed state-of-the-art music building. Look inside, there’s so much more.

This is PLC’s, ‘More To Me’.

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