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Mathematics Easy as Pi for Top Students

Two PLC students have received perfect scores of 100% scaled marks in Mathematics Specialist – Antonia Jian and Jennifer Sun!

Antonia finished a whirlwind year with an ATAR of 99.90 – the highest score at PLC, followed by Jennifer Sun who was only pipped by the smallest of margins, just .05 with an outstanding score of 99.85.

Antonia Jian was also awarded the WACE Dux of the School Award earlier this month while Jennifer Sun was awarded the WACE Runner-Up to Dux Award.

When they were asked for their study tips, they both responded with the same answer: do as many practice papers and exams as possible. They both credited their Mathematics teachers Mr and Mrs Williams ­– a husband and wife teaching duo who go above and beyond to ensure their students’ success.

“Mr and Mrs Williams helped us immensely throughout the whole of Year 12. They provided countless practice papers and answered all our questions accurately in an easy to comprehend way,” reflects Jennifer.

Mathematics Specialist contains topics in functions and calculus that build on and deepen the ideas presented in Mathematics Methods and is not for the faint-hearted.

“I like physics and mathematics and so I found it enjoyable and it has catapulted me into pursuing higher education in Engineering at UNSW,” Antonia stated.

This reaction to mathematics is quite the opposite for Jennifer who, in fact, prefers the Arts and has chosen to follow this love of art in a double degree at UCL in Art and Science.

We wish both Antonia and Jennifer all the best in their future endeavours and know, undoubtedly, that they will flourish in their chosen fields and will continue to be Inspiring Women.

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