Katy howes masters degree

Katy Howes Achieves Her Masters

The Years 3 to 6 Pastoral and Academic Care Co-ordinator, Mrs Katy Howes, has been teaching at PLC for the last six years. Whilst helping to develop inspiring women, Mrs Howes has also been undertaking her Master of Education (Leading Education) and we are thrilled to announce she has completed her studies!

During her time at PLC Perth, Mrs Howes has grown a desire for knowledge and a passion for education. Leveraging this yearn for learning, Mrs Howes returned to university to undertake a Master of Education (Leading Education) in October 2019. In just under two years, Mrs Howes graduated with a Master of Education on Saturday 4 September 2021.

We asked her a few questions in honour of her accomplishment!

How did you juggle full-time work with studying?

Having always had a thirst for knowledge and a fascination for education, I commenced my Master of Education (Leading Education) in October 2019. I had always been keen to undertake further study but wanted to wait until my youngest child was in Year 2 and more independent.

In order to find the time to study, I had to be disciplined with myself. During the course of my studies, I would allocate three weekends a month to study and complete writing assignments. To avoid the numerous distractions at home, I came into school to study, occasionally bringing my children with me. While I studied, they kept occupied by playing games of basketball or on the T3 together. Occasionally, our Principal, Ms Cate Begbie, visited the Junior School, so my children were treated to play dates with May (Ms Begbie’s dog).

How has this assisted your career as an educator and what benefits have both you and PLC gained from this amazing accomplishment? 

I am always looking for ways to elevate my work at PLC. The Master of Education has really given me the confidence to assist in driving the strategic direction of the Junior School, enhancing the learning outcomes for students, and increasing engagement within our school community.

The units I undertook were varied and gave me an excellent perspective of current educational issues and policies. Units that I particularly enjoyed were Assessment in Education: Policies, Pedagogy and Equity, Leading Education in a Global Context and Inquiry Based Practice.

Proud to be PLC

I see my role at PLC as an ever-evolving profession. I believe we should always be developing ourselves, so I am glad to have gained wider knowledge on Leading Education. I particularly enjoyed the online collaboration with peers across the world, gaining a greater in-depth knowledge of innovative global practices and education trends.

I enjoy so many aspects of my role as Years 3 to 6 Pastoral and Academic Care Co-ordinator. Every day is different, and I am doing what I love!


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