Head Start to Senior School

PLC Perth is pleased to confirm that Year 4 in 2025 will be a major intake year – a great opportunity for those families wishing to join PLC in their daughter’s formative years and give their daughter the best possible head start to their Senior School education.

With a background in Early Years education, PLC’s Principal Cate Begbie understands the importance of investing in your daughter’s education when it counts – during their formative years.

“Students in all-girls schools tend to academically outperform their peers in co-education schools. Studies have shown that girls in all-girls environments have more confidence, demonstrate an enhanced willingness to participate in STEM subjects, and more actively practice and learn leadership skills,” Ms Begbie said.

“At PLC, our International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in the Junior School is tailored to girls’ unique learning styles where they can engage fully in class without fear of judgment. This leads to higher test scores and academic outcomes.”

The best time to prepare for Senior School is in Junior School.

This curriculum helps students think critically, synthesise knowledge, reflect on their own thought processes, and practise trans-disciplinary thinking. This means the curriculum connects concepts across multiple learning areas and is geared more toward global thinking. The very nature of the IB lends itself as a head start to secondary and tertiary education styles where students must follow their own lines of inquiry similar to that of a major project or thesis.

PLC is the only girls’ school in WA to offer the International Baccalaureate and is, “widely considered an exceptional path for future success, with a focus on developing critical thinking skills in an international context,” Ms Begbie said.

PLC students can attest to the benefits of this internationally recognised curriculum and the head start it affords them.

Ava Jefferys (middle) competing at the RAC Imagine Programme. Her team won in 2023.

Current Year 6 student, Ava Jefferys, joined PLC in Year 4 and reflects that not only did it allow her to feel more comfortable and confident by developing strong friendships that she will carry through to Senior School, but the academic extension programmes gave her more opportunities to further her learning.

“At PLC, I take part in the RAC Imagine programme, Future Problem Solvers, Da Vinci Decathlon, and Kidpreneur and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if I didn’t come here.”

PLC creates learning environments and experiences that shape girls’ self-belief. In every lesson, every programme, and every opportunity.

Supporters of co-education schools often argue that the ‘real world’ is mixed gender and therefore schools should be co-educational too. However, the ‘real world’ is also one where girls and women are still not equal. Educating girls in a safe and supportive environment allows them to grow and aspire to be strong, bold, and fearless women who will demand inclusion, stand up for equality in all aspects of society, and believe anything is possible.

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Small classes, big outcomes.


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