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It has been quite a journey for 2018 Graduate and star Rower, Emma Wilson.

Born in Kulin, Western Australia, Emma attended a small Primary School with only 100 students and only two girls in her Year group! Emma spent most of her weekends helping on the family farm and exploring the large, open spaces Kulin provides.

After Emma finished Primary School, she travelled the 290 km journey to PLC, a School that holds a special place for the Wilson family, after Mum, Sara (1981) and older sister, Annabel (2016) boarded at the School.

She adjusted like many of the young girls who leave home to board; but there were teary phone calls home and she missed her mum’s cooking. With the support and nurturing of the PLC Boarding staff, her independence and confidence grew, not to mention her height!

It was not until Year 9 that Emma decided to give rowing try.

“I had been to Champion Lakes to watch my sister, Annabel row and it seemed like lots of fun.”

Emma’s mum, Sara expressed to Emma how important it is to give everything a go.

“With all the opportunities and programmes PLC provide, I was keen for Emma to try everything available.”

Emma’s desion to give it a go’ turned out to shape the rest of her life. Over four years rowing at PLC, she enjoyed much success, helping win two Head of the River trophies and most recently, being offered a scholarship at the well-known Ohio University in the U.S., which she accepted with pride. Once again, Emma felt it was only right to ‘give it a go’!

Head Rowing Coach, David Milne and Director of PLC IGSSA Sport, Annette Pearce are a huge part of PLC’s rowing successes. David Milne acknowledges that the PLC Rowing programme is extremely challenging and requires a huge amount of effort.

“I know that our Rowing Programme is challenging for the girls, but it was clear that Emma had the right sense of belief in her ability and the desire to do her best. She has the right mental stamina and power to succeed in the boat, and international scouts could obviously see that!”

Emma’s mum, Sara is so proud of her ‘little girl’ and how she has embraced such a big opportunity with open arms.

“When I ring Ohio University, I always receive a welcoming voice on the other end of the phone. It doesnt feel like it’s the other side of the world.”

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