How do I register for a PLC Scholarship?

Head to the PLC website and navigate to the scholarship of interest.  Please ensure that you read through everything thoroughly and apply for the correct scholarship.

Do I have to sit the exam at PLC?

All scholarships offered are subject to academic testing.

Special arrangements can be made for candidates who live over 400 km from Perth or are overseas. If you wish to sit the exam at an alternative venue, you must apply for the remote scholarship when registering online. Some additional expenses such as courier fees will be incurred by the candidates.

I am applying for a Music and/or Performing Arts Scholarship, do I have to sit the exam?

Yes, applicants for the Music and Performing Arts Scholarships must register for and sit the academic testing.

Applicants for the Music Bursary do not need to register or sit the testing. Application forms for bursaries can be found on our website.

When are the Music and Performing Arts auditions?

Performing Arts auditions will be held on Thursday 22 February 2024.

Music auditions will be held on Friday 23 February 2024.


When do applications close?

Applications will close on Friday 2 February 2024.

Candidates sitting their exam overseas will need to submit their application on or before 5.00 pm  Friday 26 January 2024.

Can I have a copy of my daughter’s scholarship results?

PLC does not release scholarship results to parents.

What is the remission if I am awarded a Scholarship?

Scholarships will cover a tuition fee reduction of varying values up to fifty percent, and boarding and music fees if applicable.

Should, for financial reasons, you wish the school to explore the option of additional scholarship support, there is the opportunity to complete a Financial Capability Assessment. The assessment would be completed by an external agency and used in determining any increase of scholarship offer, up to ninety percent.

Where can I find out more information about the exam?

Our provider is Academic Assessment Services (AAS) and their website contains useful information.


Do all scholarship candidates have to sit the AAS testing?

No, candidates applying for Indigenous or Foundation Scholarships, or Bursaries, do not need to sit the testing.