Fogarty Dream Becomes a Reality

Young Old Collegian Sienna Hanikeri (2022) has accepted one of the eight coveted Fogarty Scholarships awarded this year to study at the University of Western Australia.

Since securing this prestigious scholarship, Sienna has commenced studying for a Bachelor of Philosophy with an assured pathway to Medicine. Inspired by her father’s career as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Sienna was intrigued by medicine from a young age.

“I used to play with dad’s stethoscope while he would tell me stories from work,” said Sienna.

“In Year 10, I decided that medicine was something I wanted to structure my International Baccalaureate Year 11 and 12 subjects around…and decided to do Chemistry and Biology, even though older students warned me that two IB Science subjects would be a challenging load.”

Designed for scholars who are set to make a significant contribution to WA, the UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarships provide financial support throughout student’s tertiary education, helping recipients fulfil their educational and career aspirations.

After an intensive interview process, Sienna was awarded a conditional scholarship with a required ATAR of 98 to become unconditional.

“Getting that conditional Fogarty Scholarship acted as an incentive to study even harder coming up to mock and final exams,” Sienna said.

“Just the idea that I could potentially be a Fogarty Scholar and pursue a career that I had wanted since I was really young was incredible.”

Sienna acknowledged that PLC’s Head of Careers and Pathways, Ms Simone Fleay, was instrumental in helping her prepare for the interview panel as part of the scholarship application process.

“Looking at my future with all the potential opportunities available, I feel the hard work I’ve put in, along with the help from my teachers, has paid off,” said Sienna.

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