Are you the “Pride of PLC”?

The Parents’ Committee would like to honour two students who uphold the school’s values of 'Labore et Honore’; those girls who are an inspiration to others, who consistently give their best and actively participate to make a positive contribution to PLC and the wider community.

By Work and With Honour
Each year the Parents’ Committee recognises two girls (one each from Year 8 and Year 10) who have shown outstanding participation and endeavour and epitomise our school motto. This is a scholarship with a difference, this is not an academic or sporting award but a recognition of a girl’s character and approach to school life, acknowledging not just what they achieve but the effort that is put into achieving it. This scholarship is open to all, whatever their academic, artistic or sporting ability.
Award of the scholarship has become a stamp of recognition of school and community participation across multiple fields of endeavour, and as such is to be highly regarded.
Over the years, the Parents’ Committee has found that the recipients and applicants have valued the scholarship application process, as it provides an opportunity for students to reflect in a structured manner on their participation to date at the School.
We are looking for two individuals who “stand out from the crowd”. We want to recognise those who have shown exceptional participation and endeavour, not only in their academic work but also in their commitment to the School's cultural/sporting programs and/or commitment to service and social responsibility programs either within the School or the wider community.
If you think you fit this profile, we strongly encourage you to apply!
About the Scholarships

Two scholarships are available for girls currently at PLC, one each for a prospective student entering Year 9 and Year 11, next year.  The scholarship covers the cost of academic fees at PLC for one term in 2018. The scholarships are open to any student NOT currently holding a PLC Scholarship or Bursary.
How to apply

  • Please complete the application form (below) with details of your participation in school activities and your involvement in service in the wider community.
  • Submit supporting documentation, School Reports and House Point Reports.
  • DO NOT include your name on this application form or on any supporting documentation submitted. Only use your Student Number as your reference.
  • Please include the activities that you have participated in over the past 18 months. Semester 1 of this year and Semesters 1 and 2 of the  previous school year.
  • Please read the form through from beginning to end before completing.

Applications for 2018 have now closed.

Details for 2019 Scholarships will be available shortly.