Emily Brown Makes Gig Nation’s Top Young Event Professionals

PLC Stage Manager and Production Assistant, Miss Brown, brightly inspires students to enter the theatre production space.

From teaching students theatre production elements, to leading the production of events like Matilda Jr. the Musical and now being named Gig Nation’s Top 9 Under 30, Miss Brown is making waves in the theatre industry, and inspiring PLC’s girls along the way.

“I have been in the events industry for five years working as a Stage Manager. I got accepted into the WAAPA stage management course (not really even understanding what stage management was) and since then it has been a path, I wouldn’t change a bit,” Miss Brown said.

She explained that being involved behind the scenes in theatre, sparks and develops student’s life-long skills by enabling them to think creatively, boost confidence, instil pride and bestow friendships, without provoking that fear of having to perform live in front of an audience.

“Production is the side that audience and patrons don’t necessarily always notice. People that work in the industry know this and it’s not a complaint, it lets us know we have done our job right and for some it is the very reason they enter the industry – students can be involved without having to perform on stage,” Miss Brown said.

She continued to say, “However, due to this invisibility, so many people don’t know this type of work exists. It would be incredible to get more students involved.”

Miss Brown wants every student to know, no matter their role, experience level, or grade level, every part of the production is a vital fragment of the show and crew members are core.

“I hope to inspire PLC students by simply highlighting the opportunities present in the industry and continuing to create incredible productions. I want to teach and show the girls what is technically possible and how this can create lifelong memories,” Miss Brown said.

She added, “During the PLC production of Matilda Jr. The Musical, it was incredible to be able to guide and show students the opportunities available in the backstage space. Watching them grow in confidence each rehearsal is something I will always remember.”

Year 10 students, Kavita Bisht (Matilda Sounds Operator) and Rebekah Smith (Matilda Assistant Stage Manager), were inspired to enter the theatre production space after discovering the roles available in line with Miss Brown’s guidance.

“Since taking on the backstage role, Miss Brown has been really supportive by listening and answering my questions. She was incredibly inspiring to work with when learning the ropes properly. Miss Brown was organised in ordering the backstage crew around, which has motivated me to step into a similar role when new performances come forth,” Rebekeh said.

Kavita added, “Miss Brown inspired me to fully embrace the experience and to get involved”.

Miss Brown said that her vision is to inspire every girl and woman to go and conquer the theatre production world.

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