Rigorous and challenging academic programmes, a supportive culture and an exceptional learning environment mean PLC girls consistently achieve outstanding results.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College is an open entry school, yet our exceptional programs, staff and learning environment ensure students consistently achieve outstanding academic results, well above both state and national averages.

Along with outstanding opportunities for choice, our girls also achieve great results. It’s one thing to feature in the top 10 Academic Schools’ Ranking table in a good year, however, it is quite another to consistently feature in the top 10. For the past 15 years PLC has averaged a ranking of seventh on these league tables. It is worthwhile noting these tables do not include the Diploma results, which would push PLC even higher on these comparative tables. For example in 2015, 36% of our Diploma girls achieved a score of 40 or higher, placing them in the top 5% in the world. While tables do not dictate the culture of a school, the consequence of happy, connected students certainly leads to better academic outcomes for all students regardless of their chosen pathway.