Thank You to Siobhan Way of Siobhan Way Fine Jewellery

Siobhan Way has been designing and crafting her coveted limited edition range of fine jewellery since 2008. She is one of Australia’s leading independent jewellers, building a devoted clientele of discerning followers. This year, Siobhan has generously donated an exquisite one-of-a-kind necklace featuring a custom-cut Australian Boulder Opal (4.31ct) set in handmade 18ct pink gold on an 18ct pink gold chain to the OCA Art Exhibition. This necklace is the first prize for the Art Exhibition Raffle. Tickets for this raffle are $5 and available for purchase upon entry to the exhibition which runs from Friday 26 August until Sunday 28 August at PLC.

A qualified gemologist, Siobhan’s fascination for jewellery and gemstones began when she was a young girl, a love nurtured by both of her grandmothers. One was a talented silversmith in her own right and the other, of Chinese heritage, had a penchant for jade and gold.

“I spent much of my youth fossicking through my mother’s never-ending jewellery boxes,” Siobhan says. “Each time finding some new treasure or trinket with an intriguing story behind it; family, love, travel, experience…they all told a story.”

Her collections so far have developed a strong signature aesthetic of precious, striking, wearable pieces for the modern man and woman.

“I want to create beautiful, elegant pieces with a difference: chic, subtle, yet suitable to our casual lifestyle, day or night,” Siobhan says.

A passion for gemstones and a love for travel has taken Siobhan to far-flung and exotic locations, with her collections reflecting design adventures that stretch from the remote outback in search of Australian black jade; to Thailand for the most beautiful semi-precious stones including citrine, smoky quartz and amethyst; continental Europe for the finest gold chain; and ancient Burma (now Myanmar) and Sri Lanka for striking sapphires and spinel.

“For me, designing jewellery starts and ends with the insatiable need for expression and adventure,” Siobhan says. “The two are inextricably linked. Discovery and experience are paramount…people, places, spaces. The divine aesthetic and inherent contradictions of Asia with its chaotic calm offers up a rich palette of experience that keeps me inspired.”

Reinterpreting traditional gemstones with spirited new cuts, Siobhan explores the boundaries of an old craft, providing a new expression for the evocative lustre of hand-sourced, custom-cut jewels.

Every Siobhan Way piece is handcrafted. Siobhan’s workshop is led by a Paris-trained master jeweller who shares the same commitment to innovation, design and build quality. Her cutting team includes fourth-generation artisans.

“There’s a thrill in custom cutting gemstones – constantly trialling new shapes, sacrificing carats, to create seamless and organic pieces – exploring the stone and the gold, the balance and the harmony,” Siobhan says.

Siobhan’s minimal yet vibrant design sensibility has captured the attention of high-profile clients, stylists and editors alike, with her work regularly featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, GQ and other national publications.