Team Challenge 

  • The Junior team won gold, coming 5th in the Skittles sub division
  • The Senior team came 20th 

Team Bowl

  • The Junior team came 50th
  • The Senior team came 97th

Team Writing

  • The Senior team came 17th, winning gold

Individual Writing 

  • Junior Division - Madeleine Robins and Jacqueline Yu won silver
  • Senior Division – Nisha Whittome won silver, Stella Vanderzanden won gold and Tahlia Hanikeri won gold                                               

Individual Debating

  •  Junior Division – Angelique Parker won silver
  • Senior Division – Nisha Whittome won silver, Stella Vanderzanden won silver and Tahlia Hanikeri won gold

 Challenge Subjects

  • Social Studies - Angelique Parker won silver
  • Science, Literature and Social Studies - Stella Vanderzanden won two golds and one silver
  • Science, Literature, Social Studies and Art - Tahlia Hanikeri won two golds and two silvers
  • Science, Literature, Art, Social Studies and the Specialist Subject - Nisha Whittome won five golds

 Top Scholars Overall

 Junior Division

  • Madeline Robins - 30th
  • Jacqueline Yu - 24th

Senior Division

  • Tahlia Hanikeri - 31st

Top PLC Scholars

Junior Division

  • Jacqueline Yu

Senior Division

  • Tahlia Hanikeri
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