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Healthy relationships and wellbeing are taking a front row seat in education as research across the globe points to healthy minds being essential for academic and emotional development.

With 21st Century schooling success now measured well beyond end-of-year marks and sporting glory, parents have more to consider than ever before.

Head of Junior School at PLC Perth, Louise Peyton, said effective learning went hand-in-hand with healthy relationships.

“We’re focusing on the relationships between our students, but also between our students and their teachers and members of their families,” Ms Peyton said.

In 2017 PLC has become one of the first schools in Australia to use the Visible Wellbeing Instruction Model. Visible Wellbeing is the culmination of 20 years of high-impact research in psychology and education by Professor Lea Waters, an award winning and internationally acclaimed psychology researcher. 

It combines the sciences of wellbeing and learning to help students and staff to more clearly see their own and others’ welfare, which then improves learning.

Ms Peyton said students were taught these abilities over years rather than just once, as they developed and their abilities grew.

“Our classes are organised with the uniqueness of each individual in mind,“ Ms Peyton said.

Being sensitive to each girl’s self-esteem, and ensuring they feel comfortable and connected with their peers is also a key area for PLC’s Junior School.

“Healthy relationships underpin everything that we’re doing in the learning setting, out in the playground, when the girls are learning, and in co-operative groups.”

The PLC Lighthouse, a new facility which will deliver the Health and Wellbeing Australian curriculum, will feature meditation and contemplative rooms, a rooftop garden, fitness machines, extra oval space and a creativity and expressive arts room. The centre is due to open in 2018.

The personalised approach at PLC will be on show during a series of open days from August to November.

“We’d love you book a tour and come and see for yourself,” Ms Peyton said, “Our focus on wellbeing transcends everything that we’re doing here at school.”

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