Meredith BeerIn celebration of our amazing teaching staff, we will be showcasing a staff member each week.

This week we feature Meredith Beer, Deputy Head of Junior School.

Meredith has worked in the PLC Junior School since July 1995. In that time, she has been an Educational Assistant, a classroom teacher, Primary Years Co-ordinator, Director of the Athena Centre (JS Library), Director of the JS Learning Enrichment Centre and is currently the Deputy Head of Junior School. As a third-generation PLC student, her association with the School has been a long one and her daughter, Emily, also attended PLC.

What inspires you?

The students, teachers and leaders that I work with. Our students are so motivated to learn. Their enthusiasm, along with their sense of awe and wonder, make the Junior School a wonderful place to work. The teachers and leaders I work with and alongside are remarkable because they continually strive to improve their practice and give their all to ensure that the students are engaged, challenged, self-aware and hold a growth mindset. The challenges and uncertainties surrounding the preparation of our children for such a different working future both inspires, motivates and challenges me.

What is important to you as a teacher?

To see each and every child appreciate and celebrate their strengths and talents and those of their peers, so that they develop into resilient, confident contributors to our community who uphold the values that we share as an IB Primary Years Programme School in all aspects of their lives.

What are you working on at the moment?

Updating my joke book as some Year 2 students told me that they did not find my morning jokes funny.

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