Jeremy HetebryIn celebration of our amazing teaching staff, we will be showcasing a staff member each week.

This week we feature Jeremy Hetebry, Year 9 Learning Co-ordinator and Technology Integrator.

Jeremy started his teaching career as a Mathematics teacher and he taught at schools in the Goldfields as well as several independent schools in Perth, before joining PLC in 2011.

Much of Jeremy’s professional experience and academic study has centred around empowering individual students to take ownership of their learning. As a Mathematics teacher, he began utilising technology to enhance learning, which led to opportunities for leadership roles and further studies in the area of information and technology.

What inspires you?

Curiosity and inquiry. PLC has such a fantastic environment which shows that learning really is a wonderful journey. I love learning and new challenges – a passion that I hope to pass on to the students I teach.

What is important to you as a teacher?

The most important thing to me as a teacher is that every child has the opportunity to learn and thrive. One of the many aspects of PLC that I really connect with is the care for each student individually. The use of technology at PLC also provides some wonderful opportunities for the students to personalise their learning journey and I am finding it very rewarding having the opportunity to contribute to them achieving this.

What are you working on at the moment?

There are always a number of projects on the go but one of the most interesting projects that I’m working on at the moment is developing some tools for learning analytics.

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