Craft beer from Lucky Bay Brewery will be on offer at Farm2Fork on Saturday 25 August. 

Lucky Bay Brewery is a micro-brewery located in Esperance in the south east of WA and uses enzyme brewing technology and barley, sourced from local growers to produce their craft beer. Sandy Hook, a pale ale produced using 75 per cent local raw barley, will be featured at the community food event.

Producers, Nigel Metz and Robyn Cail will be on hand to talk to about their unique brewing methods.

"We’re the first brewery in Australia to be using such a high percent of raw barley in our brews and we feel lucky to be able to provide a truly unique local beer to our local farmers and community made with premium local grain", Nigel said.  

Nigel Metz started brewing beer almost by accident! It started as a research project, trying to improve the quality of local grain. This soon became a hobby and eventually developed into Esperance’s first commercial brewery, Lucky Bay Brewing.

Robyn Cail has a passion for natural landscapes, rural communities and connecting people, which has resulted in a genuine desire to keep things local, real and connected.

The paddock-to-pint concept is fully realised in Lucky Bay Brewing’s beers. Using raw local barley and wheat results in a beer with high environmental credentials. It hasn’t had the food miles or energy consumed as a result of the malting process; combining this with solar power, rain water, no preservatives, local stories, local people and local places creates a beer experience with a genuine sense of place that is truly locally crafted like no other.

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