'Close the Gap'




Hannah Chulung is lucky. She is an indigenous woman with an inspiring role model from her home town. Hannah heard about local Aboriginal doctor, Vinka Barunga, and has her heart set on following in her footsteps and studying medicine.

With only 300 Indigenous doctors in Australia compared to 60,000 non-Indigenous general practicioners, there is a lack of Aboriginal people in the medical profession to inspire students like Hannah.

This year, Hannah and classmate, Emily Johnson, set out to change that by creating awareness about the inequality in expectations of health for Indigenous people. As Reconciliation Captains for PLC, they included 'Close the Gap Day' in the School Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Co-ordinator of the PLC Indigenous Scholarship programme, Tracey Walker said “The girls did a fantastic job in raising this awareness.”

Hannah and Emily started the day with educating the student body with some startling statistics that opened their eyes to how large the gap actually is. Realities such as a 17 year shorter average lifespan for Indigenous people were surprising.

Following the assembly, Hannah and Emily organised to spell out their powerful message using students. 

After a few tense days of organisation, Hannah and Emily were pleased with the turnout. Hannah feels incredibly lucky to be at a school that has an Indigenous programme, "there was a lot of support for 'Close the Gap' from different year groups and staff members.“

You can support them too by signing the 'Close the Gap' pledge.

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