2018 Boarding Captain - Kristen Smith

What was your aim for this year and how did you achieve this?

As Senior Boarder, I wanted to ensure boarders felt safe, welcomed and that they belonged. My main focus was on the new boarders and their transition into boarding life. I worked with my team of Prefects to organise a Buddy system that could connect new and current boarders to make this transition a little bit easier. 

What have been the Boarding House highlights for the year?

Over the year we've had many highlights, the main ones included closed weekend at the start of the year, completing our final stretch of Quay to Quay and the many themed dinners we've had. 

What initiatives have been put into place in the Boarding House this year?

We continued the Buddy system, however, we decided to align current and new boarders to similar interests and location. Throughout the year, we hosted game nights for the buddies to check on each other and connect. As a Year Group we awarded a 'Legend of the Week" to girls we recognised as showing Boarding House principles. 

What will you miss most about boarding?  

I will miss the inclusive energy and positive vibes as I walk through the corridor and pass each friendly face. I will miss the close connection and friendships I have created within the Boarding House. 

What is your favourite dance move? 

Personally, I like to stay old school, so my favourite dance move will have to be 'ARHHH MACARENA'.  

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