Isadora Rakich - 2018 Sports Captain

What have PLC's sporting highlights been this year? 

This sporting year has seen many highlights, making it a memorable one. Each year group has contributed in some way, whether it was in the A team or the F team. They have all contributed to IGSSA pennants across tennis, volleyball, hockey, netball and cross country. The amount of effort the rowers put into their training and regattas became evident with them winning the Head of the River, as well as taking out the First VIII race! For me, winning the overall season pennant for hockey was a highlight as it was a great example of teamwork and commitment. 

What was your aim for the year and how did you achieve this? 

My aim for the year was to encourage and support girls of all abilities to put effort into every sporting activity they took part in. Whether it be IGSSA, Blackwatch or Inter-House Carnivals, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing girls give it their all. By maintaining the strong "Team PLC" attitude, I felt everyone had a sense of belonging and then the achievements came from there. Sport has the ability to bring girls from different years together as friendships forge through common goals and aspirations. The positive atmosphere around sport at PLC is something that everyone wants to be part of, driving us to achieve higher goals. 

What has made the girls' sporting pursuits successful this year?

The girls' overall dedication, commitment and hard work is what has ensured our success this year. The reason that PLC is so successful in sport is because we are all given the opportunity through a wide range of sports to do our best. Our coaches are committed to improving our skills and want us to pursue excellence in our own performance, while still ensuring our sport is enjoyable. 

Who is your favourite sports person?

Kobie McGurk! 

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