2018 Arts Captain, Alia reflects on a great year for the Arts!

What were the highlights of 2018 in regards to the Arts?

I think that almost every aspect of the Arts has flourished as usual in 2018 at PLC. The success of all our productions, including the amazing Chicago musical proves this fact. We have also had an endless amount of spectacular music concerts and seen the PLC walls covered in a number of original art works by our talented artists. All of the Arts were showcased on Arts Day, a highlight of every year.  

What was your aim for 2018 and how did you achieve this?

I didn't exactly start the year with a particular goal in mind, but after some time, I realised that my aim was definitely to create a positive and exciting atmosphere around the Arts. I wanted to maintain an environment where the girls genuinely felt comfortable and elevated to partake in anything that was thrown their way. One of the ways that I attempted to do this was to never take anything too seriously - and by that I don't mean by being disinterested or unenthusiastic, but rather by taking away the sense of formality that some girls might find frightening, and being spirited and energetic towards anything and everything. 

What is your favourite area of the Arts? 

Oh boy - what a question. I think that as someone who has always been involved in more of the music side of the Arts, it would be expected I pick it as my favourite area. There's no doubt that I've personally had more of an attraction to music, but I still don't think I could say it's my favourite. I would say that I get equally in awe of a talented musician, as I would for a skilled dancer, actor or visual artist. My 'favourite' area is also very dependent on my mood. Let's say that I've finished a Philosophy lesson with Mr MacLaurin- visual art will probably have its shining moment, and i'l be in the mood to reflect over the meaning of some paintings. Or, let's say I've finished a long week of tests - I can promise you that nothing will stop me from having a boogie on the Quad, for the whole School to see.   

What was your favourite childhood movie?

I won't lie and say that my ten-year-old self wasn't completely obsessed with High School Musical, because my Instagram post from 2012 of me kissing Troy Bolton would probably tell you otherwise. After my endless binge watching, I think that I can just about quote almost every scene from all three movies. However, 'Funny Girl' with Barbra Streisand is VERY deserving of an honorable mention.  

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