The Parents' Committee represents all parents of PLC.

The Parents’ Committee is the formal body who represents the interests of parents of PLC. It offers all parents the opportunity to become actively involved in the School community through the funding of a range of projects and by engaging directly with the School executive.

In this regard the specific objects of PLC Parents’ Committee is to:

  • foster, promote and enrich the welfare and progress of the College and the education and development of students of the College from the perspective of the College's parent body, subject to the views of the Council and the Principal of the College;
  • co-operate with the Old Collegians’ Association, Parents@PLC and any other relevant body or organisation promoting the welfare of the College and its students;
  • provide a channel for the communication of parents' views in relation to the educational, spiritual, physical and social development of students;
  • encourage the involvement of parents in the educational, spiritual, physical and social development of students and the College.

Through the Parents’ Committee, fundraising activities such as the School Fees Draw and annual Family Subscription the committee have provided money for:

  • School events such as the popular annual Parents’ Committee Sundowner in term 1;
  • annual scholarships to current students – for girls entering Year 9 and Year 11;
  • supporting professional development opportunities for teaching staff at PLC, in particular by sponsoring staff to attend conferences and funding staff research/travel grants thus enabling professional growth and development of PLC education;
  • infrastructure projects, including the PLC Centenary Sculpture (jointly funded with Parents@PLC) and the sun shades on the “Quad”.

The Committee has also made a commitment to support enrichment programmes across the School. Recent examples include providing native language speakers to support foreign language learning, and choreographers to support dance programmes.

The Committee has also been instrumental in the inception and development of the Fathering Project, Dads@PLC.

The Committee meets twice a term and you are welcome to join as a member, or simply to attend a meeting to meet other parents and hear about what is happening in the School.

Membership of the committee is through participation in the annual PLC Parents' Committee subscription. If you would like to find out more about the Parents' Committee, please contact

Parents' Committee Scholarships

Applications are now open for the 2018 Parents' Committee Scholarships. Find out more here.