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Experience the magic at this year’s Open Garden Day!

The owners of seven of Perth’s most historic and prestigious homes will open their gardens to the public and this year the event promises to be bigger than ever, with the closure of View Street in Peppermint Grove enabling the number of market stall holders to more than double.

A Café set up in the garden of a historic home on Forrest St, Peppermint Grove will offer food, refreshments and entertainment to guests.

Open Garden Day is bigger and better than ever before with View Street closed to traffic and 42 unique and varied markets opening shop! Find out more about each stall below.

Download the Programme Here

Open Garden Day will feature:

  • Live music and entertainment by PLC music students
  • Performances by PLC Old Collegian opera singers
  • Free parking available at Manners Hill Park with a courtesy tram & bus shuttle to the gardens, market and cafe running throughout the day at 15 mins intervals between 8.45 am – 2.30 pm.
  • An Outdoor Garden Cafe (143 Forrest Street), selling delicious homemade treats

Please note that the gardens will only open at 10.00 am, however, the cafe will open from 9.00 am.

Click here to view the Open Garden Day Programme.


There will be no parking available at Star of the Sea, or on Forrest Street this year. Please park at Manners Hill Park and catch the free bus and tram to the gardens, café and marketplace.


Special Guest, Sabrina Hahn

This year we are delighted to have Sabrina Hahn, master gardener, horticultural professional, award winning radio presenter and writer, be part of Open Garden Day!

Sabrina has shared her knowledge and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 25 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. She is a highly entertaining public speaker, and MC, she writes a twice-weekly gardening column in The West Australian, and also contributes articles for Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener.

Sabrina will host a two-hour walking tour of four of our Open Garden Day gardens, commencing at 11.30 am. This tour will be via a gold coin donation on top of the ticket price. The starting location will be revealed in the programme you will receive on the day!

Special Guest, Pierre Ulric

Pierre Ulric is a professional illusionist, speaker and magician. His passion is to share moments of wonder, stimulate creativity and generate astonishment. Perfect for all occasions: Birthday parties, weddings, school shows and corporate functions. Award wining roving entertainment, stage productions and festival shows. Catch him today spreading mirth and magic around the marketplace.
Click here to find out more about Pierre.


Date: Friday 25 October
Time: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm
Tickets: $25 for adults, $15 for pension card holders, and free for children under 16.
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View photos from 2018’s Open Garden Day

Stall Holders | A - Z

Alma and Me

100% hand-made leather hand bags and wallets/clutches.

“Our aim is to transform the way woman feel about their their bags. We have created a collection of unique individual pieces which stand out in a crowd and can be considered “wearable art”.
-Founder and Owner, Jennifer Wright

Browse the website here.

Asbury Park Agency

Asbury Park showcases some of Australia’s best interior brands, carefully curated and sourced by Perth’s style maven, Gemma Meunier’s discerning eye.

Not only is it a retail hub for clients coming by for a last minute gift or something to refresh their decor, it is a destination for interior designers and stylists looking for fresh product, on-trend ideas and a little expert assistance.

Home and instore consultations are available by appointment.

Bahru Leather
Beautiful, hand-crafted leather bags and accessories, in all sorts of gorgeous shapes, sizes and colours. Bahru’s luxe leather accessories range from cool cuffs, through fabulous clutches, to slouchy totes and oversized shoulder totes.
Each piece in the range is named after a city or town around the world. Some of these are favourite places which have inspired designs, others are places to dream of!

The range is designed by Fliss Brophy, who lives with her family on a farm in the southwest of Western Australia.

“I always loved natural textures and fibres. Oh and I love my bed! It’s the place I go to escape the flurry of life. It is my sanctuary when I need to unplug. So, with this in mind, I started exploring bedding”.
– Bedtonic Founder, Julie Ramsay

Bedtonic’s bedding is only made out of pure flax linen, which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Pure linen is thermoregulating, which allows air to flow around your body while you sleep. Pure linen is also great for allergy sufferers! Bedtonic’s bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so it’s great for anyone who suffers from allergic rhinitis or skin sensitivity.

Click here to browse Bedtonic’s website. 

Braw Paper Co.

Braw Paper Co. is a home, giftware and stationery brand, based in Perth, Western Australia. Their designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Australian land and seascapes, fauna and flora.

“We strive to capture the stunning colour palette of our environment through mixed media illustrations and digital collage”.
– Braw Paper Co. Founder, Tamsin Richardson

Click here to browse the Braw Paper Co. website. 

Coastal West Creative

Coastal West Creative has a  passion for sharing creative photography images that inspire happiness, kindness and love.

Coastal West Creative is a small locally run business situated in Perth, Western Australia. Our products are motivated to provide something made with love that you can share at every occasion and celebrate all of life’s special moments

Founder and Owner, Jo Coveney is influenced by the remarkable coastal landscape of Australia and the detail that can be found in the everyday surrounds. Her varied portfolio of images is formed from changing camera lenses often and using post-
production techniques to create images that are dynamic, delightful and have a touch of playfulness.

Click here to browse the Coastal West Creative website.

Creation Landscape Supplies

Creation Landscape Supplies is a locally owned and operated independent business, dedicated to fantastic customer service.

Creation Landscape Supplies has recently launched an indoor plant and gift outlet on Stirling Highway in North Fremantle. You’ll find over 160m2 packed full of lush indoor and shade loving plants along with a fabulous range of on trend pots and giftware. At the Open Garden Day Market, you’ll find a selection of their finest offerings!

Browse Creation Landscape’s Instagram page.

Eco Sumki

Re-usable bread bags, food wraps, produce bags and so much more!

The Eco Sumki mission is to eliminate single-use plastic in our life and encourage people to be mindful of the environment for our next generations.

“A few years ago, I was introduced to the ‘Plastic Free July’ movement, and it sparked the idea of making my own bags, followed by creating my own brand”.
– Founder and Owner, Aizhan Greenwood

Browse the website here.

Eve Clothing

Amongst the magical backdrop of Bali, comes the inspiration for Eve Clothing.

The elements in Eve Clothing remain pure and simple; simple structures that can translate into everyones Summer escape; fabrics being the focal point for every design.

A value-for-money clothing range with high quality fabrics and 100% cottons, linen and silks.

Browse the website here.

Flora Waycott

Founder and Owner, Flora Waycott is an illustrator and artist from the South of England, currently based in Perth, Australia. Her work is both digital and traditional, with her illustrations appearing on book covers, children’s bedding and decor, editorial, stationery, greeting cards, colouring books and more.

“I enjoy finding inspiration in every day objects, from the contents of my kitchen cupboard to travel and adventure in faraway places”.
– Flora Waycott

Browse the website here.

French Attic

French Attic offers three distinctive jewellery collections.

The Chameleon Collection – for those who seek to add a touch of luxury and sparkle to every day. Choose from a kaleidoscope of Swarovski crystals set in timeless pieces – perfect for casual or evening wear.

The Vintage Soul Collection – for those who love a little dash of nostalgia and old-world glamour. You’ll find vintage upcycled and vintage inspired pieces combined with romantic florals and the luxury of luminous Swarovski crystals.

The Gypsy Heart Collection – for the free spirited bohemian. Each luxury piece is carefully crafted, combining intricately cut exotic patterns, and highly faceted crystals by Swarovski.

“I love to use heartwarming sayings in my work which are inspired by my personal life experiences as well as those of friends and family”.
– Founder and Owner, Marelle Perrozzi

Marelle uses different colour combinations in her collage art works, which are made with paper, stencils, vintage sewing patterns, sheet music, book pages and other ephemera.

Browse the website here.

Giddyup Designs

Long lasting handmade homewares and gift wares designed to help you take advantage of Western Australia’s wonderful open spaces and weather!

Giddyup Designs have designed a range of drink carry trays, providing solutions to the cardboard and plastic waste associated with disposable coffee trays. Other products include, picnic tables, glamping wine tables and much more.

They also offer personally customised picnic tables, making for a truly special Christmas gift!

View their Instagram page here.

Hi Ho Silver

A modern jewellery company that is constantly up to date with the latest trends in high-end fashion. Stocking a wide range of retail outlets from boutiques to wineries.

Designs include one-off hand made pieces, statement pieces and sterling silver.

Browse the website here.


Pretty on the outside and pure on the inside, this thoughtfully made three-step regime uses natural, superfood ingredients. IRYNA is clean, cruelty free, uncomplicated – and serenely effective at giving you glow.

– No artificial colours or fragrances
– Made using local ingredients
– Vegan friendly and PETA approved
– Cruelty Free

Browse the website here.

Italian Closet

Beautiful Italian made silk, linen and cotton garments in flattering silhouettes. The Italian Closet’s garments are intelligently designed to make them ‘Free Size’, enabling the same garment to fit between an 8-16 comfortably.

Expect natural fabrics in a muted colour palette with vibrant pops of colour – all at very attractive price points.

Jet Empire Jewellery
This is a unique jewellery collection inspired by music!
Each Jet Empire piece is carefully and lovingly named after a song. There are four “genres” of jewellery: Rock, Pop, Classical and Indie.
If you love unique, quality jewellery with a lifetime guarantee, you need Jet Empire jewellery. They offer different sizing options and individual service should you require anything else altered.
Jewellery by M.A.W

Jewellery by M.A.W. is an Australian design team creating contemporary jewellery for the modern women. Our unique pieces have been made to adorn and to treasure.

Working primarily with silver and gold, their limited edition pieces are created so that they connect with the past and assimilate with the present. Technology has had a massive impact on the creation, production, promotion and even presentation of jewellery today. Jewellery by M.A.W utilize cutting edge innovative software programs that enable the definition of objects with incredible precision and technologies that allow the creation of items that cannot practically be made by hand alone.

Browse the website here.

Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker is the brainchild of two long-time friends, Jane Moffat and Amanda Perkins, who each have a passion for the U.S. shopping experience. Both regular travellers to the U.S., they would lament the lack of availability of their favourite brands, and the difference in the retail experience as a whole. So, they began reaching out to their favourite brands of many years, starting with Kule and Parker Thatch, and the concept grew from there.

“Our vision is very straightforward. We buy what we like”, says Jane. “We always joke that if something doesn’t sell it will be fine in our own wardrobes”. And this basic approach has so far served them well. “We don’t over-think it”, concurs Amanda. “If we feel there is something lacking in Australia there must be something to it, we are both very seasoned shoppers!”

Browse the website here.

Kimba Design

Kimba has been making and creating jewellery and artworks with resin for around 9 years. Over the years, her exploration with resins and colours has allowed her to create stunning pieces of jewellery, mostly statement earrings.

The designs are unique one-off pairs and no two are the same!

Browse the website here.

Kimonos by Kardamom

These kimonos are made in one size, fitting a size 8 – 18 comfortably.

Owner and Founder of Kimonos by Kardamom, Karen Trouchet personally selects the range of unique prints and fabrics from around the world as she finds inspiration in different countries. 

They can be worn around the house as a robe, or as a cover-up over bathers, or a jacket to be worn over jeans!

Browse the website here.


Kingpin stocks a range of unique and useful products for your home, car, boat or caravan.

Their Deodorising Eco Pack is a stylish and environmentally friendly way to remove odours, pollutants and mould from indoor spaces. Made with activated bamboo charcoal, it naturally dehumidifies and purifies the air, with no chemicals and no disposable waste.

Their Kingpin Pegs are an essential accessory for outdoor pursuits, including boating and camping, providing a practical solution for securing loose items on boat rails or caravan poles. They also have myriad uses around the home.

Kingpin is owned and operated by PLC Old Collegian, Diane Trouchet, and her husband. For Open Garden Day only, they will also be selling a book, written by Autism West ambassador, Charlie Paganin. Charlie is a well-liked local artist and the son of Diane’s close friend and fellow Old Collegian, Andrea Paganin (Cox).

Browse the website here.

Lamb and Sparrow

Beautiful handmade pom pom tutus, teethers, dummy chains, bows and jewellery for your little one.

Their handmade bows come on soft stretchy nylon elastic and are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your little ones outfit! Stylish modern topknots are available in two sizes and they can be untied and retied to suit your style. Mamas can match with their minis or pop one on your little one to make them stand out from the rest.

Browse the website here.

Life with Magnesium

Life with Magnesium’s products contain magnesium chloride flakes harvested from the purest and most pristine source of natural magnesium chloride in the world, the Ancient Zechstein Sea. This means that there are no heavy metals found in our magnesium chloride.

They offer products ranging from oils and creams, soaks and products for children.

Browse the website here.

MELIS Natural Perfume

Awaken your senses with natural, handcrafted perfume and unisex oils by MELIS.

The finest pure botanical extratcs, essential oils, resins, absolutes and attars are carefully seletced to create intricate blends akin to pure nectar. These highly concentrated perfume oils are beldned in a base of ceritifed organic jojoba that both moisturises and perfumes your skin upon application.

MELIS is vegan, cruelty free and contains NO artifical fragrances, colurs, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients. 100% natureal. 100% intentional.

Browse the website here.

Mrs Potters Pots

Mrs Potter’s passion is to create beautiful concrete pots to bring a little style and fun to your space.

Mrs Potter Pots are light-weight, which makes them much easier to manage and move around than traditional concrete pots, whilst maintaining the same strength and durability.

Our pots are entirely hand-made and no two are exactly the same, so you can be assured that your pot is one of a kind!

Browse the website here.

Murph & Murph

Murph & Murph outdoor Bags were conceived when sisters, Anna and Catherine Murphy, decided to put their heads together to construct a bag they believed would be perfect for their own active families.

Something stylish, robust and practical that could get their gear to and from the beach, boat, picnics, swimming lessons, sports and other social activities.

After many months of design, they came up with The Cove Outdoor Bag. The bag needed to be constructed with materials that allowed it to be free standing, as well as water resistant and durable, but still comfortable to hold against skin.

Browse the website here.

Perth Soapworks

All products are crafted here in Perth and are created using the finest ingredients for your skin.

Vegan, palm oil free, local (where possible) and only from responsibly sourced, zero cruelty supply. There are no sulfates, petrochemicals, pthalates, preservatives, SLS or silicones, so you can enjoy luxury every day – gorgeous to use, they smell fantastic and are gentle on your skin. 

Browse the website here.

Photography by AnnaBirgitte

Photographer and Greeting Card Designer | From Copenhagen to Paris and from Perth to the Outback of Western Australia, AnnaBirgitte is a travelling photographer and tour guide with a passion for finding the hidden beauty in familiar scenes.

Browse the website here.


PLAYworks is a social enterprise nurturing the happiness and sense of wellbeing of children and adults through creativity.

PLAYworks’ programmes have been specially developed to nurture children to be happy, confident, creative and ready to learn. All of their art classes incorporate literacy and self expression where students create work they are proud of, building self esteem and resilience.


For more information, please go to

Sarah Zel Chescoe

A collection of limited edition symbolic silver jewellery inspired by travels, sacred symbols, eclectic objects and ancient cultures.

Browse the website here.


A range of unique products inspired by Australian native flora; black and white floral prints, greeting cards, wrapping paper and more. The jewellery range includes laser cut earring studs and larger statement pieces each showcasing a distinct geometric pattern inspired by native flora. These pieces are produced using recycled wood and each is hand painted in WA.

Browse the website here.

Scanlan Collective

Scanlan Collective was created in Western Australia by cousins Leanne and Emily Scanlan. Both mothers-of-two, who are passionate about Australian wool. The label was born from a love of the luxury natural fibre that has shaped their lives.

The reinvention of wool in the form of luxury woollen clothing, using superfine woollen fibres to ensure that our clothing feels soft and gentle on the skin. We believe in quality over quantity, in being the opposite of fast-fashion, and making products that will last a lifetime. The collection is natural, classic and playful, for tots from three months up to seven years. Made in Western Australia using superfine wool Australian machine washable fabrics.

Browse the website here.

Simply Salvia

Simply Salvia is offering an interesting array of plant tubestock. A varied and colourful collection of the ever popular succulents are fantastic for pot arrangements, the home garden or for the avid collector. They will also be selling Salvia and prerennials including Geranium, Campanula, Scabiosa, Verbena, to name a few. Terracotta pots are also for sale.

Six Seasons Australia

Six Seasons Australia is an innovative Perth business, proudly owned and operated by Indigenous Australians and in partnership; bringing together traditional and western cultures with respect and positive outcomes.

Six Seasons will be introducing their range of specialty coffee and exceptional loose-leaf teas at the PLC Open Garden Day.

Their coffee blend is a specialty grade espresso designed to be versatile across a variety of brewing methods which we will demonstrate on the day. The Six Seasons coffee cart will be serving your favourite espresso recipes as well as practical demonstration of a variety of brewing techniques at the PLC Open Garden Day.

Each of their loose-leaf tea blends complements the world’s finest estate grown green, black and fruit teas with native Australian aromatics and fruits.  These are exceptionally high-quality teas have been curated to be representative of the six Noongar seasons and extensively tested to be delicious whether brewed hot, or naturally sweet as cool refreshing iced tea.


Suz Creations

Suz Creations started making cushions for gifts for her children’s friends’ birthdays. It was a way of combining her creative side with a love of sewing that she forgot she had! She now makes bespoke cushions to provide texture, colour and beauty to a tired bedroom or living room. She loves to zhoosh a space, and cushions do this in an inexpensive way. She is a little bit addicted to fabric!

Browse the Suz Creations Instagram page here.

The Flower Union

The Flower Union stocks beautiful handcrafted candles, room sprays, hand wash and hand lotion, made locally in Cottesloe.

The Flower Union was born out of a desire to create beautiful phthalate free homewares with a minimal design aesthetic. Phthalates are toxic hormone disrupting substances which are designed to make fragrance last.

The Flower Union products are proudly toxin and cruelty free.

Browse the website here.

The Pantry Label Shop

The Pantry Label Shop produce washable, self-adhesive, designer pantry labels. Beautifully designed by Tanya McBurney, and manufactured to commercial quality standards, these labels delight customers with their aesthetic and functional appeal.

Available in three designs, in Pantry, Herb & Spice and Baking collections, these labels adhere to all types of storage jars and containers.

Browse the website here.

Threads of Africa

Offering an exquisite array of bespoke heirloom linen and homewares imported from a family-owned waving mill in South Africa. Thread of Africa’s mission is to create quality products with integrity in an open and transparent manner from natural fibres, beautifully constructed and made to last.

Tina Scott Collection

A jewellery range designed by Tina Scott and handmade in sterling silver with real gemstones and high lustre freshwater pearls.

Ten percent of all profits on pearl jewellery is donated to a refuge for women and babies.

Browse the website here.

Vintage Garden Creations

Vintage Garden Creations are bringing “vintage” back to Australian gardens. Their rustic iron structures are handmade locally using quality materials and classic designs; from arches to obelisks, birdbaths, pot stands and trellis. They also offer locally hand-thrown terracotta pots and other unique creations!

Browse the website here.

Voila Mada

Designed in Perth and sourced in Madagascar, a beautiful range of handcrafted raffia products will be offered including beach bags, hats and placemats. Everything is made entirely of natural, sustainably sourced fibres. For further information please contact


Waxiwraps are Western Australia’s best selling beeswax fabric food wrap brand, and they are thrilled to be coming to PLC again this spring. With an all-new range of Wildflower, floral and leafy designs especially for this event, this is a great time for you to purchase Waxiwraps as Christmas gifts or to add to your collection. Look out for their new Waxibags, too!

Browse the website here.

What Fred Found

What Fred Found stocks beautiful handmade jewellery, designed and crafted by Jo in her home studio in Perth. The collection of earrings – Penny Drops – will add a pop to your wardrobe.

All pieces are limited edition and small batch, handmade from only the highest quality supplies from other small Australian businesses.

Browse the website here.

Wud Manufacturers

Timber goods and furniture | The products created at Wud are constructed with reclaimed and ethically sourced Western Australian timbers. As well as sourcing appropriate materials, the approach here is to maximise the efficiency with which these resources are utilised in the workshop.

The aim is also to produce products that are strong, useful, long lasting, and attractive whilst being mindful of the resources consumed in their making.

Yulecart Weaver

Yulecart Trading Co. prides itself on its social compliance and respects and values the traditional craftsmen and women who have woven these genuine French-style market baskets in Morocco. Each basket has been hand-finished in Perth, WA, with pure silk, either new or recycled from a loved garment. Their genuine leather handles have been carefully wrapped in hemp twine to provide added strength and comfort and make each basket even more beautiful and unique.

The baskets come in two sizes, with 50% of profits donated to various local charities and foundations. For PLC Open Garden Day, profits will be donated to the Sarah Shellabear Stroke Fund.

Follow @yulecart on Instagram.