Dads@PLC is an exciting initiative designed to encourage PLC fathers and other father figures to take an active role in their children’s education.

Developed in 2016, Dads@PLC formed an immediate alliance with award-winning parent engagement programme The Fathering Project, and brings like-minded people together to support one another and discover ways to become even better dads.

Functions occur in fun and informal environments, where men get the chance to learn more about the art of parenting and talk about their children’s school life, as well as the footy! 

Using the expertise of The Fathering Project, Dads@PLC aims to:

  • help fathers realise how important they are in their child’s life 
  • give fathers advice on how to more effectively interact with their children 
  • inspire fathers to become more proactively involved with their children
  • develop programmes and initiatives to assist with and promote the engagement of fathers 
  • utilise research-based evidence to encourage positive change in fathers.

 Dads@PLC organiser, Tony Taylor, says in his experience daughters love to know their dad is not only interested, but involved in their school.

“We don’t preach about how to be a good dad or anything like that, although we do have really informative speakers from The Fathering Project from time-to-time,” Tony explained.

“We simply share stories, provide an opportunity to interact with your daughter at PLC, and enjoy one of life’s great treasures - fatherhood.”

The videos below have been produced by The Fathering Project to educate and inspire dads and other male role models to engage positively with children on important developmental issues.

Dads@PLC will highlight a range of different videos and relevant information on this page throughout the year.

 Modelling good behaviour around drugs and alcohol


Drug and alcohol education at home: Secondary School children