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2019 Head Prefect, Maxi, and Deputy Head Prefect, Moonyean, sum up the year by answering a few burning questions…

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your role this year?

Having the opportunity to know the girls we represented, made our final year the best one at PLC. Having the trust and confidence of our peers to represent them fairly is a scary experience. However, it was the acts of kindness and encouragement that students gave us that supported us in our role, and inspired us to progress through the busy year. We had girls congratulate us on our recent speeches, smile at us for encouragement and always saying hello in the hallways. With a supportive and caring Year group to lead the School with us, it was these personal touches and unconditional support from students and staff, that made a justifiably demanding and tiresome job into an uplifting and humbling experience for both of us.

How do you hope you have inspired the students?

Firstly, we hope we have shown the girls to never take themselves too seriously. Whether that’s by rapping about Term 3 in the form of a Kanye West song, or dressing up as Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon for student assembly, go for it. Secondly, we hope to have encouraged the girls to take every opportunity that comes their way. Afterall, we only regret the opportunities we never took, so why not give it a go? Lastly, enjoy and cherish the people around you, the place you are in, and the experience you are having. We wanted to show every girl that when you are happy, kind and genuine, you create an infectious positivity that will benefit you and the people around you.

What will you miss the most about PLC?

We will miss the infectious, close knit PLC community spirit that lives in every single PLC girl. We have been incredibly fortunate to go to a school and feel a part of a sisterhood – one that we have seen survive up to 70 year reunions. This Founders’ Day, we came across a pair of Old Collegians, who told us they used to ride their bikes to school together and still come back to hear the hum of the Blackwatch bagpipes. The dynamics within the hallways, the banter in the Common Room and the connections made in classrooms are experiences we will cherish forever.

What is the funniest experience you have shared this year?

Watching Year 12s challenge teachers in water-gun fights, two weeks before exams, was monumental. Waking up on Leadership Camp to find a kangaroo eating our Weetbix was surprising. Wearing a bunny onesie and being hunted down by Junior School students for chocolate eggs was… frightening. Maxi’s well-referenced ‘Mid-Term melt’, when her burger turned into a feast for vicious crows, was too much to bear. Moonyean stacking it before walking on stage at HUB assembly was hysterical! However, with the support of friends and staff, these last two memories of tears turned into a story of laughter that we reflect on with pure joy. Overall, there are just too many hilarious moments to count being a part of such a fiery and dynamic cohort.

– Maxi Ford & Moonyean Le Roux

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