kids at PLC making bracelets for telethon

Bracelets for Telethon

Florence (Year 2) has teamed up with her big sister to raise funds for Telethon Kids’ Institute allergy research.

Florence has had an interest in allergy research since she was diagnosed with allergies herself, so when she saw her sister, Sophia (Year 4) and the success she was having making and selling bracelets as part of Kidpreneur, she knew they could help.

Using donated beads and Sophia’s already acquired know-how on how to make great bracelets, the sisters began making dozens of bracelets which they hope to sell at the Lake Claremont Festival on Sunday 19 September, Lapsley Road, Lake Claremont.

Sophia made bracelets as part of her chosen Kidpreneur project this year, where students were tasked with the opportunity to conduct market research, create an item for sale, market that item, and sell it at their annual Kidpreneur Market. All the profits from Kidpreneur go to a charity of the student’s choosing.

Florence was inspired by this initiative and knew it would be a great avenue to do her part in raising much-needed funds for allergy research.

“I have a few allergies so this is something I am very passionate about,” said Florence.

Florence spoke with an eloquence beyond her years of her wish for more money to go to the Telethon Kids’ Institute so that they can continue their work in researching the causes of allergies in children.

They are also on the hunt for more beads, so if anyone has any old necklaces, and brooches, or broken jewellery, these philanthropic entrepreneurs will be more than happy to take it off your hands.

You can find them at the Lake Claremont Festival on Sunday 19 September, Lapsley Road, Lake Claremont.


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