Our caring, committed, and friendly staff, create an atmosphere that is warm and inclusive.

The staff are passionate about working in boarding. We want our boarders to be happy, secure and ready to leap into all that is offered at PLC and beyond. Above all – we all believe working with young people is exciting and rewarding.

Our staff bring an extraordinary range of skills to the boarding community, in short our staff have:

  • Years of experience working in boarding communities
  • Taught at a variety of schools
  • Been boarders themselves
  • Represented Australia in Rowing at the Olympics
  • Had experience working in other private schools for girls and boys
  • Worked and gained experiences internationally and nationally
  • A diverse array of university qualifications including Degrees in Applied Social Science (specialising in Counseling Adolescents), in English teaching, in Primary Education, in Middle Years Mathematics, in Nursing, in Career Development and Special Education
  • Children ourselves (some of us have grandchildren!)

We are proud of the academic support available in the Boarding House. Structured and supervised homework and study sessions on weekdays will help your daughter form good learning habits, but we aim to offer more than that.

In addition, we have school teaching staff who visit the Boarding House on a weekly basis to provide free help during prep. There is always a staff member working with each year group during prep, who is capable of giving one-on-one tutoring advice. The Library is also open for the girls from Years 10 – 12, to access during prep. It is staffed by current teachers and past students.

The Boarding House staff work very closely with the School staff to ensure that the transition between school and boarding is seamless. Regular meetings between School Year Co-ordinators and Boarding Year Co-ordinators facilitate a clear understanding of your daughter’s progress at school. Additionally, weekly meetings between the Director of Boarding, the Deputies of Operations and Pastoral Care, the Boarding Year Co-ordinators and School Nurses, also ensure communication channels are open and we are all working towards a common goal.

The Boarding House provides regular updates for boarding parents, through a weekly enewsletter available in the whole school weekly Links enewsletter. Year Co-ordinators also send frequent emails with photos of activities that have taken place.