The care of your daughter is at the heart of everything we do.

Each year group is linked with a Boarding House Year Co-ordinator whose primary role is to keep the boarders in their care safe, healthy and happy, and to encourage them to be socially responsible. The Year Co-ordinator is the first point of contact for parents. The Year Co-ordinator is also responsible for facilitating the “From Strength to Strength” Boarding Wellbeing programme. This year-group specific programme builds on the resilience and resourcefulness within each student to enable them to flourish and prosper. The year-long programmes have been designed on a developmental continuum to support the changing needs of each age group. Weekly meetings, planned and impromptu activities, guest speakers and workshops help to build confident and resilient girls and nurture their day-to-day emotional, social, health and academic needs.

The activities and programmes fall within these broad themes for each year group:

  • Year 7 – Kindness
  • Year 8 – Friendship
  • Year 9 – Respect
  • Year 10 – Creativity
  • Year 11 – Resilience
  • Year 12 – Responsibility

The aim of “From Strength to Strength” is to ensure your daughter thrives whilst at PLC. Our goal is to build and maintain her self-esteem and make her journey as homely and positive as possible. We take pride in seeing the girls leave the Boarding House having learnt how to be confident, strong and independent individuals within our community, and it is immensely rewarding to know they will take these skills with them into the world beyond PLC.