All-rounder Ashley

All-rounder Ashley

Ashley Spencer, who achieved PLC’s highest ATAR score of 99.55, is not new to the spotlight for outstanding achievements, but more frequently her notoriety has been for her sporting achievements – proving that a PLC education provides opportunities allowing our students to thrive across a wide range of disciplines.

WACE Dux of School award at Speech Night

Ashley received the DJ Carmichael & Company WACE Dux of School award at Speech Night which she described as her academic highlight at PLC and “really gratifying to be able to achieve results of that calibre.”

In sport, Ashley has broken athletics records at both Inter-House and Inter-School Carnivals, was Cross Country Champion in 2021, won Silver in the U20 400m Hurdles at the 2021 Australian National Championships, Bronze in the U18 400m Hurdles at the 2019 Australian National Championships, and was the WA All Schools 400m Hurdles Champion in both 2020 and 2021.

This impressive collection of accolades both academically and in athletics is only surpassed by her admirable personality as a down-to-earth, kind, resilient, humble, and brave young woman. Ashley not only credits her ability to achieve outstanding results in both of these disciplines to her resilience and dedication but to her teachers and the wider PLC community for supporting her throughout her time at school.

Ashley Spencer at the IGSSA Athletics Carnival.

“All my teachers played a part in my success and not just those from Years 11 and 12. They were all prepared to offer time outside of class for extra help. I especially enjoyed studying Physics under Ms Kaye. Not only was she prepared to patiently explain something for the eighth time, but she also catered for our stress levels with regular meditation and the occasional tea party,” reflected Ashley.

Ashley’s mother, Ms Justine Spencer, who is also a Science Teacher (Chemistry) at PLC, has also played an integral role in her education and her love of the sciences.

“My mum’s been my teacher since I was born, but in an academic capacity, she taught me Science in Year 9 and Chemistry in Year 11. She started the first lesson with an activity asking what we knew and wanted to know. I asked what was for dinner,” Ashley joked.

“PLC also enabled me to enjoy and explore sports such as volleyball and water polo as well as other areas such as music. I played cello up until Year 10 and oboe in Year 7. I was able to compete in the da Vinci Decathlon and experience the value of service learning through a life-changing Cambodia Service Tour.”

Looking forward to 2022, Ashley will study a Bachelor of Philosophy in Chemistry at UWA but her athletics coach is encouraging her to apply to colleges in America to further her athletics in conjunction with her studies.

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