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Georgia chats all things sporty and shares her take on 2019.

What have been your Sports highlights of 2019?

Overall, 2019 has a been a year where everyone has given it 20 out of 19. No matter whether it was in IGSSA or Blackwatch, everyone has pushed themselves to achieve their best! At Head of the River, the early mornings and hard work paid off again, with the rowers winning the overall season trophy for the 8th year in a row!! They also took out the First VIII race!!! Of course, seeing everyone give their all at Inter-House carnivals and supporting each other in any sport they were doing has also been a massive highlight of 2019.

What were your goals for Sports in 2019 and what have you done to achieve them?

My goal for Sport this year was to boost participation and effort in all sports. By supporting all sporting abilities and encouraging everyone to participate in the variety of sports offered each term, it has been great to see huge numbers across all sports this year. Seeing so many girls in younger years getting into not only Cross Country and Swimming, but also all IGSSA, Blackwatch and Inter-House sports has been amazing too, and I’m sure it will grow next year, with Millie McCarthy leading the way, as Sports Captain for 2020!

Who do you see as a role model and why?

As a tennis player, I’d have to say Ash Barty is a great role model. Not only did she make it into Wimbledon at the age of 15, and go on to win the French Open earlier this year, she was also a stellar cricket player. She always remains composed on court, unlike some other Australian tennis players from her generation, and she is only ever seen giving it her all. To reach such a high level in any sport takes hours of dedicated work, and her determination and hard work have paid off. She still seems so down-to-earth, despite her roaring success.

What has been your funniest sporting moment?

Making the PLC IGSSA Swim Team. Although I think swimming is great, throughout Senior School it has not been my strong point. My swimming highlights up until 2019 have been nearly drowning in the 100m freestyle, and holding onto the edge of the pool as the ‘goalie’ throughout Water Polo in Sport. So, me on the Swim Team was sort of a meme. I got to go to trainings and swim in the slow lane with Year 7 Scotch boys, swim modified sets because I was physically incapable of doing the trainings everyone else was doing, but I still ended up getting to swim at the IGSSA Swimming Carnival, and not come last in my heat!

– Georgia

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