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2019 Arts Captain, Gabby chats about everything from Arts Day and the Christmas Talent Show, to her role models and favourite musicians!

What have been your Arts highlights of 2019?

My highlight of 2019 would definitely have to be Arts Day! This day takes a massive amount of commitment and co-operation from a number of people and although organisation for the day was challenging, I was very glad to see that the day was successful and there was plenty of participation. The passion and energy that was displayed made me very proud and I loved seeing the enthusiasm that everyone brought to the day. The display of talent at the Christmas Talent Show was another amazing highlight and the atmosphere of the day brought a lot of fun to the third last Friday of the School year.

What were your goals for The Arts in 2019 and what have you done to achieve them?

One thing that I wanted to achieve in The Arts this year was spirit and participation within the activities presented at school. I think that with activities such as The Arts, there is a tendency to fear participation if don’t think you have talent or aren’t confident in the activity. I wanted to break this down and encourage everyone to give it a go, no matter their year, ability or experience. I did this by making activities such as the Christmas Talent Show accessible to all Year groups and encouraging girls to participate in whatever way they felt comfortable.

Who do you see as a role model for you and why?

I find role models in many people around me, as well as people I aspire to be like. My family encourages me every day and are huge role models, in terms of both their example by action and the support they give me. I also see people I don’t know as role models, such as various activists and professionals that commit themselves wholly to their goals and aspirations.

Who is your favourite musician?

One musician that I love is Matt Corby. He produces music that melds multiple genres and a huge range of instruments into something that amazes me. I particularly like the full and atmospheric instrumentation of his music. However, I have never really had a single favourite artist. From a young age, I have loved musicians, from Elton John to Amy Winehouse. As I have grown up, I have discovered a more personal music taste, while finding artists such as Frank Ocean, Alt-J and James Vincent McMorrow. The strange mix of genres and styles I like means that I love them all strongly and equally.

– Gabby

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