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From favourite subjects, to academic goals – 2019 Academic Captain, Halimah answered a few questions to sum up her experience as 2019 Academic Captain!

What have been your academic highlights of 2019?

Personally, my academic highlight was going to study French and Medicine in Paris for a month. I think that collectively, as a Year group, the highlight of our academic careers was our Graduation, as it was an acknowledgement of all the hours of work, study, dedication and persistence that I know the girls have put in. However, I have to admit, the one time during my study period, when everyone in the Common Room was actually studying, is definitely up there.

What were your goals for PLC’s academics in 2019 and what have you done to achieve them?

My goal was to create a mindset of improvement and endeavour towards academics within the school community. Throughout the year, I have been working on the Homework Help programme after school in the library. I wanted to build a space in which girls are not afraid to seek help from the community around them, and a space where they can be motivated to do their best and give it 20 out of 19. I think this has definitely been a success, especially as we have been able to create bonds between Year groups through this programme.

What is your favourite subject at PLC?

If I say my study period, I think I’d get a lot of backlash, so I’ll have to say French. I genuinely love learning languages and it’s really the icing on the cake that the girls in my class are incredibly lovely and also share this passion.

Who do you see as a role model and why?

Most people know I genuinely think Kim Kardashian is a genius in the way she built her empire, but I think people would be surprised to hear that my number one role model is actually my mother. She moved to a whole new continent just so her children could have the chance of a better education. The road has never been easy for her and yet, she constantly makes sure that my siblings and I are given every opportunity to achieve our best. I’m not sure she would see herself in this way but, given the mountains she has had to climb, she is the most successful person I know.

– Halimah

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