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Head of Junior School, Richard Wright sums up the very eventful 2019!

What were some highlights for the Junior School in 2019?

So many highlights! First, personally, getting to know the students, parents, staff and wider community. In terms of events, it would have to be the Festival of Science and all the other opportunities our students have at PLC – the ICT BiG Day In Jnr, Arts Week, Science in the Senior School labs, Outdoor Education, the Wild Space, Nativity, carnivals, concerts and competitions. So many highlights at a school such as ours!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Always working with our amazing students. It is the best part of working in a school by a LONG way. Watching the joy our students get from coming to school and engaging with our programmes is an honour and privilege, and is heart-warming at every turn.

What is something interesting or unexpected about your role as Head of Junior School?

I have held this role at three schools, over 14 years, so there weren’t any great surprises. However, the passion and enthusiasm our staff have, for the students and their education has been awe-inspiring. Every staff member, throughout the School, wants the best possible experience and outcome for the students. They actively go out and do it too. Awesome!

How does the Junior School and its students drive you to continue to learn throughout your career?

When you think you have all the answers in education, or have perfected it, it is time to get out. Education is always changing, because our world is always changing. We must be agile and have the ability to adjust our teaching in order for our students to become life-long learners, who are well-equipped to thrive in their changing world.

What is your most memorable experience from your own primary schooling?

Two things. An inspiring teacher, with whom I really connected and felt understood me; he is one of the reasons why I became a Primary school teacher in the first place. I also enjoyed just being a kid; riding my bike to school (on the sunny days) and playing sport with my friends.

– Mr Richard Wright

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