PLC OCA Art Exhibition
Exhibiting Artist Terms and Conditions

The Presbyterian Ladies’ College Old Collegians’ Association (OCA) is pleased to be able to once again coordinate and hold its annual art exhibition in 2021 (Exhibition). The Exhibition is an important fundraising event for the PLC OCA to be able to continue its contributions to the support of students at Presbyterian Ladies College, Perth (PLC) through the award of bursaries and various other projects.

Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting Artists

The OCA has published these terms and conditions to regulate the submission of artwork and other matters for the purposes of the Exhibition. By the submission of an artwork to the Exhibition, you acknowledge and agree for the benefit of the OCA and PLC that you have read and agree to accept and be bound by all of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Artist Selection Criteria and Conditions of Entry

The Exhibition is open to PLC Old Collegians, their spouses/partners and children, current and past parents, staff members, and members of the wider PLC community. The OCA reserves the right to determine who is a member of the wider PLC community for the purpose of the Exhibition.

The OCA attaches considerable importance to the quality of the artwork in the Exhibition. Decisions concerning whether an artwork will be admitted to the Exhibition or not are at the discretion of the OCA based on criteria determined by the OCA from time to time. Decisions of the OCA regarding admission of artwork to the Exhibition are not open to negotiation and the OCA is under no obligation to provide any reasons for a decision not to accept an artwork for the Exhibition.

It is a condition of entry to the Exhibition that ALL ARTISTS whose art is to be exhibited at the Exhibition (Exhibiting Artist) must complete and submit for the Exhibition an artwork on a miniature canvas (Miniature Artwork). The OCA will provide a blank miniature canvas to each Exhibiting Artist to produce their Miniature Artwork. Each Miniature Artwork will be deemed a donation to the OCA to be catalogued, priced and exhibited for sale by the OCA on the Miniature Wall Feature at the Exhibition. Each Exhibiting Artist agrees that the Miniature Artwork produced shall on delivery to OCA become the property of the OCA any the OCA shall be entitled to all of the proceeds of sale from each Miniature Artwork. There will be no commissions paid on the sale of Miniature Artworks. If any Miniature Artwork is not sold at the Exhibition it will remain the property of the OCA.

Artwork Conditions of Entry

Submissions which do not meet the restrictions outlined below will not be accepted unless prior agreement has been made with the Exhibition organising committee.

  • The size of an artwork, including the frame, must not exceed 1000mm x 1200mm (Maximum Size).
  • Each Artist may submit a maximum of five (5) artworks with no more than two (2) of these artworks being the Maximum Size.
  • Each exhibiting Artist must submit a miniature artwork on the canvas provided by the OCA. This artwork will be gifted to the OCA by the Exhibiting artist.
  • Each artwork must be labeled clearly and legibly so as to unequivocally identify: (i) the name of the artist; (ii) the title of the artwork; (iii) the proposed retail price (inclusive of GST if applicable and the OCA’s 30% commission).
  • Each artwork (excluding sculptures) must not exceed 8kg.
  • The weight of sculptures must not exceed 20kg.
  • All artwork must be dry and stable.
  • All artwork must be designed to be hung and be equipped for hanging.
  • Any artwork that is to be displayed on a pedestal must have a pedestal supplied by the Exhibiting Artist.


Representing galleries and artists exhibiting independently are responsible for organising and covering the cost of transport to and from PLC.

OCA Commission

The OCA shall be paid 30% commission on the sale all artworks of Exhibiting Artists sold during the Exhibition and for 90 days following the conclusion of the Exhibition. If an OCA patron purchases an artwork that was exhibited at the Exhibition (including any artwork that has been commissioned by that OCA patron and first seen at the OCA Exhibition), the 30% commission is still applicable and must be paid to the OCA.


Every artwork submitted within the size and weight restrictions set out herein and exhibited at the Exhibition is eligible for consideration for the $500 Francesca Nelson Art Award and the $200 People’s Choice Award. No artwork and no artist shall be awarded both the $500 Francesca Nelson Art Award and the $200 People’s Choice Award.


The OCA reserves the right and shall be authorised by each Exhibiting Artist to photograph works and publish those photographs for its promotional purposes.

Unsold Artwork Collection

Each Exhibiting Artist will be responsible for collecting any of their artworks that have not been sold during the course of the Exhibition. Such artworks shall be collected between 4pm – 5pm on the Sunday of the Exhibition weekend. The OCA Exhibition committee members will be available to assist at this time. Please be aware that PLC and the OCA do not have any facilities to store artwork after this time.

Sales and payment

Payments due to Exhibiting Artists whose artworks have been sold in the Exhibition will be made by 30 June 2021.

Handling of Artworks

The PLC OCA will use its best efforts to ensure that all artworks are handled with care. All staff who are involved in the hanging of artworks will be supervised by the curator of the Exhibition.


Each Exhibiting Artist shall be responsible for any and all loss or damage to their artwork at all times.

Neither PLC nor OCA are liable for injuries to any person, damages to artworks or property of, or any other losses sustained by any Exhibiting Artists. If any claim is made in respect of damages, injuries, loss or other costs and expenses which may arise from, or be in any way connected with the exhibiting the artworks of an Exhibiting Artist, whether directly or indirectly, each Exhibiting Artist agrees to defend, indemnify and hold OCA and PLC harmless against all such claims.


Each Exhibiting Artist will be solely responsible and is expected to arrange for appropriate insurance at their cost in respect of each of their artworks exhibited at the Exhibition. PLC and the OCA will not be responsible for insuring the artworks of the Exhibiting Artists at any time and will not be liable for any costs associated with such insurance.